In the need for full disclosure of my personal view in detail and what I subscribe to (which is a mannerly approach to an ongoing problem) please look at the following:

The large and small sellers within the realms of Metaphysical selling are under attack as a group. The attack works through hijacking IPs and rumor mongering through various means from word of mouth to blogs and back again. We all know the attacks on large sellers, but also small sellers have been harassed. People have had their reputations damaged going back as far as the year 2006. I have personally experienced this myself (hijacking and sending emails out under my email address and name, and I know this has also happened to others). The rabid old hag who keeps writing attacks under here uses an anonymous IP but we all know who she is = she has already been exposed - and her attacks on dealers needs to STOP.

There is no question in my mind that there are a number of people - call them 'moles', 'floaters',' immature crazies', 'Puritan-intolerants', 'intolerant religious groups' - it doesn't matter. The issue is that the study of Magick, the Development of Psychic Abilities, the Ownership and use of Psychic Objects and Instruments, and the friendship only found within Genuine Community, the practice of Paganism in all its forms from Wicca to Sahti, from Buddhism to Voodoo, and from Gurdjieff to Crowley, and many good 'just interested people' are under attack directly and indirectly and WE run the risk of ALL OF US becoming endangered as to the legal right to legally pursue knowledge in our own way and believe and practice our spiritual and psychic practices in our own way.

A very old tactic is to simply get a Powerful Group to argue, bicker, & snipe amongst themselves, and to fan the flames every now and then. This is the technique being used by unknown persons. Solutions are listed on the blog metaphysicalpeace mentioned above.

People - we are being turned against one another AS A GROUP and we must recreate friendship and work cordially AS A GROUP and we must do it now.

I remember being at the 1960 World Science Fiction Convention in Pittsburgh PA and listening to the great creator of modern imaginative publishing, Hugo Gernsback (then quite old) wind up his talk to all of us. I was standing along the wall in a completely filled room - no empty seats - with Rod Sterling, Bob Heinlein, Judy Merril, and Spague de Camp - in a very crowded room. The last words spoken by Gernsback were: "Remember Ladies & Gentlemen, remember those of you who are well known and those of you who may be well known later on, and all of you, and I know that you are intelligent, so please, no matter what you do, always keep alive and use Your Sense of Wonder".

I felt faint, Sterling had tears in his eyes, Heinlein stared down at his left shoe, de Camp trying to smile in order not to cry, and Judy nervously played with an unlit cigarette and had a stoney profound look in her eyes........

At the root of all this is to turn our one task of protecting, nourishing, and letting walk, this strange yet compassionate child found floating in a collective basket across the length and breadth of Time & Space.

Thank you for reading this, Christopher Jameson-Strang

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